Tree of life

Kabbalah tree of life

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The Tree of Life doesn't not only show and explain people how the
world is organized. It also serves as a great protective and healing
device for the mankind. The symbol of the Tree of Life is as popular
and well-respected in Kabbalah as symbols of the 72 Names of God,
Hamsa, and red strings. It can be commonly found on kabbalistic
pendants, amulets, charms, talismans, and rings.
The engraved symbol of the Tree has magical powers that are known to
affect people in the most favorable ways. However, in addition to the
main Tree of Life symbol, there can be up to 10 different symbols of
the Tree, which stand for the 10 Sephirot. Various Sephirot - the
levels or "branches" of the Tree - have their own unique purpose. They
can be used for good luck, spiritual guidance, God's protection,
prosperity, health, fertility and love.
However, the symbol engraved on the amulets is not only worn on a
regular basis. It is also used for meditation and prayers. People
meditated in the past and still meditate with the symbol of the Tree
of Life to achieve the state of pure spiritual awakening and receive
the knowledge of the ultimate truth. The symbols of the Tree activate
potential energies within the wearer, making him or her extremely
perceptible to the flow of energies and God's love. That is why
sometimes people, who meditate with such talismans and amulets,
discover that they are capable of such rare things as foretelling the
future; seeing people's auras; healing other people only by touching
them; reading other people's minds and discovering their intentions;
hearing things at long distances; etc.
Even without meditations, the talismans with the Tree of Life are
capable of improving people's intuition, attracting prophetic dreams,
clearing chakras, improving health, and much more. The Tree still
continues to educate and favor people in many new ways, as the number
of people who study it grows. The whole range of positive influences
of the Tree of Life as a magical symbol is yet to be discovered.


Tree of life

The Tree of Life is a common

token used on Kabbalah talismans.

Evil eye protection by Talisman/Amulet

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The Tree draws good and favorable thoughts, wishes,
attitudes and actions from people who surround the wearer of the
talisman. This creates a positive aura of prosperity and well-being
around the person. The aura in its turn works as a shield against
negativeness, evil eye and evil forces. Most authentic talismans that
you can find on the market nowadays do not have any useless symbols
used only for decoration on them. Every symbol must serve a certain

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