Tree of life

Kabbalah tree of life

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Magic of Tree of Life

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Magic of the Tree of Life is hidden in the magical power and influence
of its symbols and 10 Sephirot. The Sephirot have the ability to
affect people's spiritual, emotional, mental and physical condition.
That is why the symbols of these Sephirot are often engraved on
Kabbalah charms, which possess supernatural powers of magic. The flows
of positive energy that comes from the Tree of Life start positively
affecting people's relationships; social and personal life;
interaction and communication with other people; money, business and
career success; personal growth, education and spirituality. The
symbol is extremely powerful by itself. At times the Tree starts
producing its magical effect as soon as the person sees the symbol,
comes in physical contact with it, or is deeply impressed by it. Even
reading about the Tree has proven to be favorable for people's mood
and state of mind. It has a direct impact both on the body and the
spirit. This is one of the many reasons why the Tree of Life is the
center of Judaism and Kabbalah nowadays.


Tree of life

The Tree of Life is a common

token used on Kabbalah talismans.

Evil eye protection by Talisman/Amulet

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The Tree draws good and favorable thoughts, wishes,
attitudes and actions from people who surround the wearer of the
talisman. This creates a positive aura of prosperity and well-being
around the person. The aura in its turn works as a shield against
negativeness, evil eye and evil forces. Most authentic talismans that
you can find on the market nowadays do not have any useless symbols
used only for decoration on them. Every symbol must serve a certain

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