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Kabbalah tree of life

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Lately Kabbalah has become a popular philosophical doctrine which
interprets our life and everything we know about it. There are people
from all religious beliefs and backgrounds that adhere to Kabbalah and
its teachings. We find the Tree of Life in the center of kabbalistic
teachings. Most of Kabbalah's concepts tie their "roots" closely to
the "roots" of the Tree. And in general most Kabbalah adherents agree
that the Tree of Life is the final frontier for religious seeking and
self-actualization. If one finds the way to the very top of the Tree
of Life, one will achieve the divine revelation.
The Tree of Life shows how we can move up to a new, deeper level of
perception of life. Humanity constantly evolves and grows both in its
mental and spiritual realms. Kabbalah teaches that the time has come
for us to reach the next level of evolution. It emphasizes the need
for learning about our own selves; developing strong potential for
improving our lives and lives of people around us; staying in touch
with our spiritual beings; and trying to connect to the divine Light
of the universe. That is why the Tree which opens up a direct path to
the Light is of such great importance for anyone who studies Kabbalah.
However, it is not all only about spirituality and dedication to God.
Kabbalah also shows the physical connection of the human body to the
Tree. It explains how the Sephirot - the ten important facets of the
Tree of Life - are connected to different parts of the body.
Therefore, according to Kabbalah the Tree is the prototype of the
body. By learning to control our connection to different Sephirot of
the Tree, we can control our health and physical well-being. This
principle is already commonly used by those who create protective and
healing talismans for the good of other people. However, since some of
the Sephirot are not connected to the physical body directly, Kabbalah
points out again that there is much more to the Tree of Life than just
the physical or material aspect.

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Tree of life

The Tree of Life is a common

token used on Kabbalah talismans.

Evil eye protection by Talisman/Amulet

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The Tree draws good and favorable thoughts, wishes,
attitudes and actions from people who surround the wearer of the
talisman. This creates a positive aura of prosperity and well-being
around the person. The aura in its turn works as a shield against
negativeness, evil eye and evil forces. Most authentic talismans that
you can find on the market nowadays do not have any useless symbols
used only for decoration on them. Every symbol must serve a certain

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